Concerning New Proposal Could be a Huge Intrusion on your Privacy

Lansing, MI – Another day, another tax increase proposal from Lansing Democrats.

Democrats in the House and Senate Transportation Appropriation Subcommittees passed budget recommendations this week that included a new pilot program: the Road Usage Charge Committee

The pilot program will be tasked with testing new ways to tax Michigan drivers based on how many miles they drive. Proposals considered have included odometer readings, and mandatory tracking devices on vehicles.

“This is just the latest chapter in the Democrats’ lengthy ‘big-government, tax-and-spend’ book,” said Zach Rudat, Advocacy Director of the Michigan Freedom Fund. “Simply put: there’s no way to implement a miles traveled tax on Michigan drivers without a significant growth of government intrusion into our privacy.”

Road funding in Michigan today is largely based on vehicle registration fees and the state gas tax. Revenue from the gas tax is projected to decline in the coming years as new vehicles become more fuel-efficient, and electric vehicle production increases.

“Michigan is one of the few states where all taxes paid at the pump don’t go toward the roads,Rudat added. “Instead of looking for new taxes to impose on Michigan drivers, Lansing should reevaluate their wasteful spending habits and ensure every penny paid at the pump is going towards our roads.”

Lansing Republicans have proposed such a change for taxes paid at the pump in recent years, a move that could provide an additional $800 million a year for road construction without raising taxes on Michigan drivers.