Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MEA) is at it again, trying to gaslight parents and lying about school closures in Michigan.

We’re already seeing the disastrous impact those locked classrooms had on our kids. This week, the nation’s report card revealed how Michigan students are doing after prolonged remote instruction, and it isn’t pretty.

And it’s rivalry week. Last year, Attorney General Dana Nessel got drunk at the matchup between the University of Michigan and Michigan State and left the game in a wheelchair. Now we know there’s even more to the story.

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Whitmer claims kids were only out of school “for three months.” After everything parents and students have been through in the past two and a half years, we can’t believe Whitmer thought she would get away with it.

Parents had a front row seat to the disastrous consequences of her prolonged school closures AND to Whitmer’s hypocrisy as she ignored her own orders over and over.

Watch: Whitmer’s Gaslighting of Parents Exposed

We need your help to Fact Check Whitmer’s false claims. Share the video with your family and friends, and demand real solutions for our kids.


This week, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) released the nation’s report card. While it was bad for students across the country, it was worse here in Michigan, with declines in every subject.

After Whitmer’s school closings and education vetoes, Michigan is ranked 40th in the nation for reading and 35th for math. Fourth graders lost thirty years of progress in reading, and students are below proficient in math.

Whitmer left Michigan students behind. It’s time to put parents back in charge, and give them the tools and money they need to help their kids catch up.


It’s rivalry week, which means football, tailgate food, and sometimes a little too much to drink – especially if you’re Attorney General Dana Nessel. Last year, Nessel got so drunk after consuming “two Bloody Mary’s” that she had to be removed from the game in a wheelchair and driven home.

She tried to get ahead of the story by posting – and then deleting – a lengthy, erratic “apology” to Facebook. It wasn’t the first time Nessel’s judgment was called into question – and it wouldn’t be the last.

In the aftermath of her drunken behavior at the MSU-UofM game, it seems Nessel forced her security detail to sign a non-disclosure agreement that was later voided for violating the special agents’ duties and their collective bargaining agreement.

Chalk it up as yet another legal defeat for one of the worst attorneys in Michigan history.


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