Election Day is less than 3 weeks away, and everything’s on the line.

You’re probably thinking about the Presidential contest, or Michigan’s U.S. Senate race, but what you do locally will have just as big an effect on our state’s future.

All 110 seats in the state House of Representatives are up for election, and the candidates working for your vote couldn’t have more different approaches. They’re offering voters the choice between freedom and lockdowns. Between safely opened schools and locked classrooms. Between representative democracy and unilateral control of your lives from the executive office.

This week, we sat down with State Rep. Jason Wentworth and talked about the Michigan Supreme Court’s ruling against the 1945 emergency power law, the state of play in the battleground seats that will determine majority and more on the latest edition of our podcast, “In the Trenches.”

As Rep. Wentworth notes about the State House, “We’re the closest branch of government to the people.”

The House plays a critical role in moving the state forward, and even before the pandemic, they offered to work with the governor on issues like auto insurance reform and fixing our roads. Instead, Gov. Whitmer insisted on going it alone. But she cannot run the state unilaterally.

As our chairman Greg McNeilly writes this week in the Detroit News:

“Michigan’s Supreme Court earlier this month rebuked Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, declaring her handling of the pandemic via executive order illegal and unconstitutional. The Court demanded the governor abide by the law and work with — not illegally cut out — the state Legislature.

“We, the voters, have an opportunity to decide what kind of legislature we send to work with the governor.”

Do you want a lawmaker who is willing to fight for you and your rights, or someone who can’t find their voice when it matters most?

Greg and Rep. Wentworth offer important context and advice on that question. Choose wisely!


Tony Daunt

Michigan Freedom Network