Governor Whitmer’s order sending COVID patients into nursing homes was deadly, and the consequences were predictable – but Whitmer did it anyway. Then, when the death toll started to rise, the Whitmer admin stopped counting.

Meanwhile, kids in some of Michigan’s largest school districts have been locked out of the classroom – indefinitely – and Governor Whitmer refuses to lift a finger to help them.

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Students in Detroit and Flint have been locked out of the classroom, despite millions in federal COVID relief meant to keep classroom doors open for in-person instruction. And Governor Whitmer has done nothing to help.

The Governor’s choice to back teachers unions and school bureaucrats locking at-risk kids out of their classrooms shouldn’t come as a surprise. Just days ago, the Michigan Democratic Party made its feelings about parents and students crystal clear.

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The radical Leftists at Whitmer’s Democrat Party think they know better than parents. Claiming that parents who can’t afford private schools shouldn’t get a say in their children’s public school education is not only crazy – it’s against the law. Yet Whitmer has sided with teachers unions against parents and students again and again.


Thousands of Michigan residents died after Governor Whitmer ordered COVID patients into nursing homes and long-term care facilities full of seniors.

Whitmer ignored the science that said seniors were especially vulnerable to COVID-19. She ignored the pleas of the state’s nursing home association. She ignored her fellow Democrats. She even vetoed an attempt to reverse her deadly policy.

Now we know that the actual death toll was 42% higher than the Whitmer admin cared to admit. What else is the Whitmer administration hiding?

Our chairman Greg McNeilly wrote in The Detroit News: Whitmer administration hid COVID-19 nursing home deaths. What else?

“In perhaps the worst-quality spin in the state’s entire political history, Whitmer’s team counters that their numbers weren’t wrong — it’s just that they weren’t counting everyone who died in nursing homes or after contracting the virus in nursing homes.

“They blast the auditor general for including nursing home deaths in their tally of nursing home deaths as if the inclusion of nursing home deaths in the nursing home death tally will hurt the governor politically.

“Only this governor could take a cataclysmic tragedy and complain that it makes her look bad.”

It’s clear that Governor Whitmer and her administration are not interested in providing answers to any of the families who lost loved ones in nursing homes and long-term care facilities as a result of Whitmer’s unscientific orders. It’s time for a full investigation, so that these families can finally receive justice.


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Tori Sachs
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund