Crime in Michigan under Governor Whitmer is out of control.

President Biden’s debt “forgiveness” plan is a disaster that will make inflation worse.

Jocelyn Benson is still hiding documents.

And Governor Whitmer’s policies continue to cost Michigan jobs and tax dollars.

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Violent crime in Whitmer’s Michigan is rising nearly twice as fast as the national rate. Our communities are becoming more dangerous every day – and Governor Whitmer’s busy ridin’ with Biden.

WATCH: Ridin’ with Biden: Dangerous

Governor Whitmer supports the “spirit” of defunding the police. The Whitmer-Biden inflation has exhausted law enforcement budgets and taken police off the streets, and lockdowns like the ones Whitmer implemented here in Michigan led to a spike in violent crime.

But with your help, we can stand up to the Whitmer-Biden agenda, and make Michigan safe again!


President Biden’s reckless student loan “forgiveness” plan is nothing more than a transfer debt onto the backs of taxpayers who are already suffering from high prices in the Whitmer-Biden economy – and even Democrats say it will drive inflation even higher.

Your credit card full of grocery bills, expensive gas and rising rent isn’t “forgiven.” Instead, you get to pay off the tuition for the elite “experts” who said your job wasn’t essential. After Whitmer’s lockdowns and vetoes, it’s just another slap in the face of hardworking Michiganders trying to make ends meet.


More secrecy, more delays, and no transparency. It’s been 36 days since the Court of Appeals ordered Jocelyn Benson to release documents, and 317 days since the Court of Claims ordered the release of documents.

The Democrat Secretary of State still refuses to comply with these court orders to release the document that detail her handling of Governor Whitmer’s massive campaign finance violation for illegal coordination in 2018.

It’s clear that Jocelyn Benson prefers to work in the shadows, hiding information from the public when it benefits her and her allies politically. It’s time for Benson to end the cover up and release the documents.


The ink was barely dry on the Whitmer admin’s $101 million tax incentive deal with Ford when the automaker announced 3,000 layoffs were coming, with most of them right here in Michigan. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation admitted there were “warning signs,” but went ahead with the deal anyways.

Governor Whitmer has been bragging (i.e. lying) about creating 25,000 auto jobs, but the real numbers show Michigan has actually lost 120,000 jobs on her watch, including 6,000 jobs in the auto industry – and that’s before these layoffs go into effect.


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Michigan Freedom Fund