Lansing Democrats Try to Put Lipstick on Their Corporate Welfare Pig

Lansing, MI – House Democrats are one step closer to extending their corporate welfare romance with a committee vote this morning.

Democrats on the House Economic Development Committee passed their Strategic Outreach and Attraction Reserve (SOAR) revamp this morning, a plan that would commit tax dollars to the fund for over a decade.

“Democrats are robbing taxpayers to line the pockets of big corporations,” said Zach Rudat, Advocacy Director for Michigan Freedom Fund. “Government should not be in the business of picking winners and losers, but that has been the objective of Democrats in Lansing from day one this term – making big corporations the winners and Michigan taxpayers the losers.” 

Lansing Democrats have already spent billions of tax dollars on similar subsidies for a select few corporations. The plan would divert some SOAR dollars towards transit and housing efforts, but would still invest billions more towards corporate welfare, bringing the total investment this term to over 6 billion dollars.

“Think about the laundry list of things the state could do with that money which could benefit everyone instead of a handful of well connected corporations,” Rudat continued. “Democrats have been gaslighting Michigan taxpayers, trying to claim they prioritize ‘investing in the people of Michigan,’ when in reality they have used their power to take care of their donors at the expense of taxpayers.”

The bill package now awaits further action by the full State House.

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