LANSING, MI – Today, Michigan Senate Democrats passed Governor Whitmer’s plan to rob Michiganders of a tax cut in order to give more handouts to corporations and cut deals for special interests. The Democrats plan, which would put big businesses over Michigan families, comes at a time when Michigan is sitting on a record $9,200,000,000 surplus.

Michigan Freedom Fund Communications Director Dan Reynolds offered the following comments. “Senate Democrats just rubber-stamped Whitmer’s plan to burn Michigan taxpayers and their families by taking away a promised tax cut, and instead gave that money to big business. Simply put, the Democrat trifecta in Michigan took money out of the pockets of hardworking Michigan families and gave it to special interests.”

House and Senate Republicans offered a plan that would leverage the state’s record $9,200,000,000 surplus to provide tax relief to every Michigan taxpayer. Democrats used every trick in the book to silence debate and jam HB 4001 through a secret backroom process.

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