Michigan Democrat Chair Brandon Dillon Sinks to New Low – Threatens Michigan Supreme Court Members

Freedom Fund Demands Dillon Apologize, Retract Threats against Members of Michigan Supreme Court

LANSING, MI, July 31, 2018 –The Michigan Freedom Fund today demanded Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Brandon Dillon retract and apologize for comments made to the media this week threatening members of the Michigan Supreme Court, and unethically demanding they make a political ruling on the ballot status of Voters Not Politicians, instead of ruling on the case’s legal merits.

Dillon appeared on various radio news segments this morning bullying and threatening members of the Supreme Court with indeterminate consequences if they rule against the Democrats running the Voters Not Politicians ballot committee. 

“The Michigan Supreme Court exists to interpret the law, not to bow to the threats of political party bosses,” said Tony Daunt, Executive Director of the Michigan Freedom Fund.  “Brandon Dillon is doing what Democrats do – threaten, bully, and intimidate anyone who doesn’t toe their party line.  The Supreme Court should rule on the VNP case based on the law, not on the threats of an angry party boss.  Dillon owes the Court and every Michigan voter an apology for his reprehensible behavior.”

Voters Not Politicians, the organization behind a push to put Michigan redistricting in the hands of partisan bureaucrats, potentially running afoul of the Voting Rights Act, is led exclusively by partisan Democratic donors, activists, and a Democratic trial attorney, according to public records, the Federal Election Commission and the Michigan Campaign Finance database.

According to campaign finance records, 7 of the 10 members of the ballot committee’s leadership have donated a combined $5,648 to Democratic candidates and causes, including Mark Schauer, Virg Bernero, Jennifer Granholm, Hillary Clinton, ACT BLUE, and many more.  A list of the donations can be found here.

The Committee’s President, Katie Fahey, is a former Hillary Clinton activist who made national news when she traveled to New York to participate in Clinton’s later-scuttled victory party.


Michigan Freedom Fund is a nonprofit organization run by Michiganders for Michiganders, working to advance, promote, and protect Michigan workers’ Constitutional rights.  For more information, please visit www.MichiganFreedomFund.com.