LANSING, MI – Today, the Michigan Freedom Fund announced Dan Reynolds as its new Communications Director. Reynolds has a strong record as an advocate for freedom, previously serving as Communications Manager for the Foundation for Government Accountability and as Public Affairs Director for the American Legislative Exchange Council. 

“We are excited to have Dan Reynolds join the Michigan Freedom Fund. With his experience advocating for the advancement of personal freedoms, Dan brings a welcomed voice to the fight to protect our state from an increasingly radical, power hungry, and out of touch Michigan Democrat Party,” said Sarah Anderson, Executive Director for the Michigan Freedom Fund. “With Governor Whitmer and legislative Democrats announcing today their latest scheme to rob Michiganders of a permanent tax cut, Dan’s addition to our team could not be better timed. The Michigan Freedom Fund is fully equipped to continue our fight for the people of our state.” 

“With just a few weeks of total Democrat control of state government, Michiganders are already frustrated by the waste, fraud, and abuse,” said Reynolds. “I am excited to join the Michigan Freedom Fund to lend a voice to the important issues facing Michigan,hold the government accountable to the taxpayers who pay their salaries, and advocate for freedom for all Michigan families.”