Michigan Freedom Fund Demands Greater Transparency at TCF Center, from Jocelyn Benson, Janice Winfrey

LANSING, MI, November 6, 2020 –Michigan Freedom Fund Executive Director Tony Daunt provided the following statement today, after the absentee ballot counting process in Detroit devolved into chaos and secrecy:

“The health and integrity of our republic, and the democratic process we use to elect our leaders, is dependent on every voter having faith in the accuracy and integrity of the results.  We must count every legally cast ballot, regardless of which part of the state it comes from or which candidate it helps.  Insinuations to the contrary, whether through malice or lack of clarity, are deeply damaging to that faith.  This requires responsible rhetoric AND transparency from all of our leaders. To that end, voters deserve far more transparency from Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, and their hand-picked special adviser Chris Thomas, in the way votes are being counted and about allegations of impropriety at TCF Center in Detroit.  Efforts to limit the public’s knowledge about the process must end immediately.  Standing by as doors were locked and windows were covered to further limit transparency is unacceptable and only breeds further distrust and allegations of illegal activity.

“Voters also deserve immediate transparency about allegations of impropriety during the counting process. Those alleging wrongdoing should do so publicly and specifically. 

“Sworn affidavits highlighting serious and troubling irregularities – potentially even fraud – should be made public, investigated immediately, and resolved now – not later.”