Michigan Freedom Fund Recognizes Michigan Teachers as December “Freedom Fighters of the Month”

LANSING, MI, January 13, 2020 – The Michigan Freedom Fund today recognized Michigan teachers as the December “Freedom Fighters of the Month.”

“Michigan teachers have been enjoying their freedom under Michigan’s Right to Work law,” said Michigan Freedom Fund Executive Director Tony Daunt. “Since the 2012 passage of the law, nearly 50,000 teachers have exercised their right to leave the Michigan Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers-Michigan. A teacher’s effectiveness in the classroom isn’t determined by whether they pay dues to a union. Today, we celebrate the bravery of these teachers and honor their commitment to providing a quality education to Michigan students.”

Under Michigan’s Right to Work law, no employee can be compelled to pay union dues or fees as a condition of employment. Membership in the MEA has dropped by 31 percent since 2013, even while the number of public school employees has risen. Membership in AFT-Michigan has dropped to 18,479.

The “Freedom Fighter of the Month” is an award created by the Freedom Fund to recognize those individuals who are diligently working to defend taxpayers and protect our Constitutional freedoms.




Teachers wishing to download a copy of their Freedom Fighter certificate may do so here: Download