Michigan Freedom Network Endorsed Candidates Win State House, Senate Primaries across Michigan

LANSING, MI, August 8, 2018 –The Michigan Freedom Network today congratulated 49 candidates endorsed by MFN on their primary victories Tuesday night.  Each candidate was evaluated based on careful criteria, including support for workers’ rights and free market principles.

14 of the 18 Senate candidates endorsed by the Michigan Freedom Network prevailed in their primary contests, including:

District 07: Laura Cox      

District 08: Peter Lucido  

District 10: Michael MacDonald 

District 15: Jim Runestad

District 16: Mike Shirkey  

District 19: Dr. John Bizon           

District 21: Kim LaSata    

District 22: Lana Theis     

District 24: Tom Barrett    

District 25: Dan Lauwers 

District 28: Peter MacGregor

District 29: Chris Afendoulis

District 33: Rick Outman

District 37: Wayne Schmidt

35 of the 37 House candidates endorsed by the Michigan Freedom Network prevailed in their primary contests, including:

District 20: Jeff Noble

District 30: Diana Farrington

District 32: Pamela Hornberger 

District 38: Kathy Crawford         

District 41: Doug Tietz      

District 42: Ann Bollin

District 43: Andrea Schroeder    

District 47: Hank Vaupel  

District 51: Mike Mueller  

District 57: Bronna Kahle

District 61: Brandt Iden

District 64: Julie Alexander

District 65: Sarah Lightner

District 66: Beth Griffin

District 70: Jim Lower

District 72: Steve Johnson

District 73: Lynn Afendoulis

District 74: Mark Huizenga

District 78: Brad Paquette

District 80: Mary Whiteford

District 83: Shane Hernandez

District 85: Ben Frederick

District 86: Thomas Albert

District 89: Jim Lilly

District 91: Greg VanWoerkom

District 97: Jason Wentworth

District 98: Annette Glenn

District 99: Roger Hauck

District 101: Jack O’Malley

District 102: Michele Hoitenga

District 103: Daire Rendon

District 105: Triston Cole

District 106: Sue Allor

District 107: Lee Chatfield

District 108: Beau LaFave

“Michigan voters have chosen candidates for the House and Senate who take our Constitutional rights seriously,” said Freedom Network Spokesperson Terri Reid.  “The Michigan Freedom Network congratulates each of these men and women on their primary victories, and look forward to even bigger wins this November.”

Michigan Freedom Network is an independent political action committee. The Michigan Freedom Network supports candidates who advocate for fiscal responsibility, economic freedom and the elimination of coercive and compulsory policies.





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