Michigan Freedom Network Endorses 31 House Members for Re-Election

Endorsements Awarded for Top-Tier Candidates Commitment to Families’ Constitutional Rights

LANSING, MI, June 4, 2020 –The Michigan Freedom Network today endorsed for re-election 31 members of the Michigan House of Representatives.  Those winning the endorsement today join 17 other candidates endorsed by MFN on March 14.

“The Michigan Freedom Network is proud to endorse and support candidates for the Michigan House of Representatives who are willing to stand up and fight to defend Michigan families’ constitutional rights,” said Freedom Network Spokesman Tony Daunt.  “These candidates have won this important endorsement because they’re committed to limited government, government transparency, and the rights and opportunities of every citizen.”

House candidates receiving this major endorsement include:

District 30: Diana Farrington

District 36: Douglas Wozniak

District 39: Ryan Berman

District 42: Ann Bollin

District 43: Andrea Schroeder

District 44: Matthew Maddock

District 46: John Reilly

District 51: Michael Mueller

District 57: Bronna Kahle

District 63: Matt Hall

District 64: Julie Alexander

District 65: Sarah Lightner

District 66: Beth Griffin

District 72: Steven Johnson

District 77: Tommy Brann

District 78: Brad Paquette

District 84: Philip Green

District 86: Thomas Albert

District 87: Julie Calley

District 88: Luke Meerman

District 89: James Lilly

District 91: Greg VanWoerkom

District 93: Graham Filler

District 94: Rodney Wakeman

District 97: Jason Wentworth

District 98: Annette Glenn

District 99: Roger Hauck

District 102: Michele Hoitenga

District 106: Sue Allor

District 108: Beau LaFave

District 110: Gregory Markkanen

Michigan Freedom Network is an independent political action committee. The Michigan Freedom Network supports candidates who advocate for fiscal responsibility, economic freedom and the elimination of coercive and compulsory policies.