Michigan House Democrats Block Bi-Partisan Resolution Condemning Terrorist Attack on Israel

Lansing, MI – Michigan House Democrat leadership join the ranks of extremists like US Rep. Rashida Tlaib by refusing to condemn the horrifying Oct. 7 attack on innocent Israeli citizens. State Representative Bill Schuette introduced a Resolution condemning the attacks that claimed over a thousand lives, including 25 Americans, and left thousands more injured. The resolution also calls for the release of all hostages held by Hamas. The resolution was blocked by House Democrat Leadership in defiance of some of their own caucus members who signed on to the resolution. 

The Resolution has bi-partisan support from a combination of over 50 state representatives. After Rep. Schuette introduced the Resolution, House Democrat leadership blocked it from an immediate floor vote and instead assigned it to the Government Operations Committee frequently used by House Leadership to bury undesirable bills.

Michigan is home to over 85,000 Jews and around 2,500 Israelis, who are undoubtedly impacted by the violence in Israel and continued anti-Semitism from elected officials.   

“The world is watching in abject horror at the unthinkable atrocities committed by violent Hamas terrorists against innocent Israelis. Meanwhile, Speaker Joe Tate, like Rashida Tlaib, is content to stand by silently. Those who cannot call evil by its name are unfit to lead and should be ashamed of themselves,” said Mary Drabik, Communications Director for the Michigan Freedom Fund. “The disturbing images from the attacks should be more than enough for Michigan’s Democrat leaders to condemn the horrific acts of violence. This is no time for moral equivalencies. You are either on the side of the innocents who are being slaughtered or the terrorists who are committing these heinous acts. Joe Tate has a moral obligation to condemn the bloody terrorist attacks by Hamas and bring this resolution to the floor.”