It’s been a big week! I wanted to share the 5 things you need to know on the Frontlines for this weekend. If there is a story you want us to highlight or an issue we should dig into, reply to this email, and let us know!

  1. Dana Nessel is Fighting to Increase Your Heating Bill
  2. A Complaint has been Filed Against Whitmer’s $100,000 Club
  3. “Independent” Redistricting Commission is Taking the Constitutional Deadline as Seriously as their “Independence”
  4. It’s Time for the Democrat State Rep who Tried to Bust Out of Jail to Resign
  5. News You Might Have Missed: Grand Rapids weighs declaring racism a public health crisis
1. Attorney General Dana Nessel is Fighting to Increase Your Heating Bill

While national energy experts are warning that natural gas prices are expected to jump this winter, Nessel’s waging a war to make things even worse. If she gets her way, the cost of propane so many use to heat their homes and job sites will go soaring, and that’s not all.
Freedom Fund Chairman Greg McNeilly wrote this week in The Detroit News: Nessel’s Line 5 lawsuits could drive up your heating bill this fall
“Immediate supply shortages would kill jobs, hamstring Michigan manufacturers, stiff farmers, close small businesses and more. The Consumer Energy Alliance estimates Nessel’s goal would kill thousands of jobs, cost the state $3 billion in economic activity, $1 billion in gross state product and drain $56.8 million tax dollars out of public coffers.”
2. Freedom Fund’s Executive Director Filed a New Campaign Finance Complaint This Week Against Whitmer’s $100,000 Club

A complaint was filed against Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, trial attorney Mark Bernstein and eight others who illegally gave Whitmer’s campaign over $100,000 each – a violation of state law that limits the amount a person can give to $7,150. The complaint called on Secretary Benson to immediately take action to fine each member of Whitmer’s $100,000 Club the amount of their excessive contribution. It also asked that Whitmer disgorge the illegal money and pay a fine equal to the amount of the illegal donations.
3. Redistricting Commissioners Said They Were “Independent” But Turns Out They’re Liberals and Not Adhering to the Constitution

At least two “Independent” members of the redistricting commission have been outed as liberals – including the newly elected chair. As if that isn’t bad enough, the commission is already violating the state constitution as it blows past a Friday deadlineto complete proposed congressional and legislative maps for public review as reported by Bridge Michigan.
4. Rules are for Thee: Democratic State Rep. Jewell Jones Unfit for Office

The Michigan Freedom Fund has called on state representative Jewell Jones to resign“after Livingston County prosecutors say Jones tried to smuggle a handcuff key into jail after a judge revoked his bond and sent him to jail in connection with drunken driving and resisting arrest charges,” as reported by The Detroit Free Press.
5. News You Can Use

“City staff spent more than 200 hours prepping three draft resolutions presented Tuesday: one to declare a climate crisis, the second to support the decriminalization of entheogenic substances, such as magic mushrooms, and the third to name racism a public health emergency.”
Thanks for all you do.
For Freedom,

Tori Sachs
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund