Nessel Abandons Abused Women

Freedom Fund Calls on Attorney General-Elect to Immediately Remove Repeat Assailant from Transition Team, Institute Plan to Prevent Similar Mistakes as AG, Restore Public Trust

LANSING, MI, December 10, 2018 – Michigan Freedom Fund President Terri Reid today demanded that Attorney General-elect Dana Nessel immediately remove from her transition team a Dearborn City Councilman arrested, sentenced, and jailed following multiple instances of domestic violence. 

In addition to immediately firing the violent offender, Reid demanded Nessel explain to voters specific steps she will take to restore the public’s trust that under her leadership, the Attorney General’s office will not empower violent criminals who prey on women.

Nessel’s transition team member, Michael Sareini, has been accused on six different occasions of violence, assault, and harassment.  His ex-wife obtained a personal protection order against him, noting in her complaint that Sareini “has hit me before throughout our marriage… he grabbed me by the throat and knocked me to the floor then yelled for me to get up.”

Said Reid: “Attorney General-elect Nessel’s open embrace of a serial domestic abuser is absolutely chilling.  Nessel has two jobs today – fire the serial abuser immediately, and then explain to women in Michigan the specific steps she’s going to take to ensure she never puts violent men above their victims again.”

In addition to assaulting his ex-wife, Nessel’s ally has been accused of attempting to hit his sister with a 2×4 and a moving van, hitting his mother with a moving vehicle, and punching his sister to the ground and kicking her repeatedly, fracturing her collarbone.  He has also been accused of attempting to run his ex-wife off the road, throwing rocks at her window, and spitting on her after she was hospitalized.