News of Whitmer Admin’s Document Burning Scandal Spreads Like Wildfire

Last week, The Detroit News reported that officials in Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s administration had deleted emails and physically burned documents related to the enforcement of Governor Whitmer’s unconstitutional COVID orders. The revelation is a stark contradiction of the transparency pledge Whitmer made as a candidate, and has sparked calls for an investigation into what other documents may have been destroyed, and why.

Michigan Freedom Fund Demands Answers
“The citizens of Michigan deserve to know why the Whitmer administration burned government documents, what was in them, and who ordered their destruction,” said Michigan Freedom Fund executive director Tori Sachs. “The destruction of any materials related to the enforcement of Governor Whitmer’s unconstitutional COVID orders raise serious concerns about transparency and accountability in the Whitmer administration. Whitmer said she would be the most transparent governor but instead has created an administration of secrecy where state employees burn documents and drop investigations when asked to explain their motives.”
Recent news coverage of the Whitmer admin’s torched document scandal includes:
NBC25: Whitmer official burns documents relating to enforcement of coronavirus restrictions
“Calls are growing for an investigation into Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s administration over its enforcement of COVID-19 rules deemed unconstitutional by the state’s Supreme Court.”
The Washington Examiner: Whitmer’s administration burns documents after COVID-19 rules pushback
“What started as Gov. Whitmer’s administration threatening businesses – that allegedly violated her COVID-19 rules later deemed unconstitutional – ended with the first-term Democrat’s administration dismissing a complaint and burning documents.”
Associated Press: State giving up after Port Huron fights COVID-19 case
“Port Huron’s lawyers put Hartman through a formal interview. He said he burned his notes from the investigation and destroyed emails from a supervisor. 
“MIOSHA recently signaled that it plans to drop the case, after being told that Port Huron planned to take a deposition from director Bart Pickelman.”
Breitbart: Report: Gretchen Whitmer Admin Burns Notes, Destroys Emails of Coronavirus Probe
“When asked about notes he took during the investigation and interviews, Hartman said he burned them,” the News reported about Hartman questioned in a deposition by a city attorney. “The inspector also said he destroyed emails from his supervisor regarding the case.”
The Center Square: Whitmer’s administration burns documents after COVID-19 rules pushback
“The Michigan Freedom Fund called on Whitmer to apologize and rescind every MIOSHA fine and order related to her COVID-19 orders.
“Despite the initial $6,300 fine for Port Huron, Landshark Bar and Grill, an East Lansing bar where Whitmer violated her own COVID-19 rules in May, wasn’t fined.”
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