No More Boondoggles: Freedom Fund Strongly Opposes $85 Million Underground Parking Project for Lawmakers

Instead of Income Tax Cut, Legislators Considering Wasteful Plan for “Visitor Center” with Private Parking Perks for Politicians

The Michigan Freedom Fund today denounced efforts by Lansing politicians and well connected lobbyists to waste $85 million—at least – in taxpayer dollars on new, private, underground parking perks for state lawmakers.

The underground parking project is part of an equally wasteful proposed “visitor center” on the grounds of the state Capitol. 

“The last thing Michigan workers want their tax dollars spent on are fancy new private parking perks for politicians,” said Freedom Fund Executive Director Tony Daunt.  “With stunts like this, there’s no wonder lawmakers have such a poor reputation with voters.  

“Instead of wasting $85 million of other people’s money to make sure they don’t get snow on their cars, lawmakers should roll up their sleeves and deliver on that income tax cut they’ve long promised working stiffs and consistently failed to deliver.”


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