No More Mandates From Whitmer Admin That Refuses to Follow Their Own Rules

Health Director Who Defied Own Guidance For Spring Break Trip Paves Way For Mask Mandate After Whitmer Said It Wouldn’t Happen

LANSING, Mich.For months Governor Gretchen Whitmer has said she would notimplement a statewide mask mandate for schools. Now, with many schools starting this week and the rest slated to begin in person class again in only days, Michigan Health and Human Services Director Elizabeth Hertel reversed course and said a mask mandate is “still possible” according to a report from The Detroit News.

Hertel’s acknowledgement that more statewide restrictions may be ordered comes just days after the Michigan Democrat Party took to Twitter to call out Whitmer by name for not implementing school mask mandates in a now deleted tweet. Liberal newspaper opinion writers have also called on Whitmer to implement more restrictions.
The Michigan Freedom Fund is renewing their demand that Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Health Director Elizabeth Hertel forcefully and publicly reject new unilateral statewide COVID restrictions. Whitmer, like Hertel, has defied and floutedtheir own past orders on several occasions. 
“The Michigan Democrat Party and their allies on liberal newspaper editorial boards are pushing Whitmer and her health director to implement more mandates and restrictions. Whitmer and the health director have hypocritically not followed their own COVID rules and mandates, and should not be forcing any new restrictions on the children and families of Michigan,” said Tori Sachs, executive director of the Michigan Freedom Fund. “Michigan Democrats pressured Whitmer to issue new unilateral mandates, and days later she appears to be caving to their demands. Whitmer has been focused on politics and polling data and is letting her need to appease her far-left base influence policy decisions that impact every child in the state which is simply ridiculous.”
Hertel, a Whitmer appointee, has the authority to authorize “health” restrictions and orders for the state of Michigan. Hertel made headlines earlier this year when she traveled to Alabama on spring break after Whitmer discouraged residents from traveling when Michigan led the nation in the highest number of new coronavirus cases. Whitmer appointed Hertel to be the state’s Health Director after asking Robert Gordon to resign and granting him a taxpayer funded hush money agreement to remain quiet about their shutdown disagreement.
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