Gretchen Whitmer’s broken promises are starting to take a toll. Maybe that’s why she’s attempting to rewrite history on her lockdowns and mandates.

Meanwhile, Dana Nessel still refuses to investigate Whitmer’s deadly nursing home orders – but wait until you hear what she said at the Nursing Home Association’s annual convention!

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It’s not looking good for Governor Whitmer. A new poll shows that nearly 60% of those surveyed would support “Someone Else” in November.

It’s not hard to see why.

Governor Whitmer promised to “Fix the Damn Roads.” It hasn’t happened, and Michigan’s roads are worse than ever.

Providing relief to Michigan families, workers and students? Whitmer vetoed the bipartisan income tax cut for workers and seniors, vetoed scholarships for struggling readers, and vetoed relief for small businesses.

Whitmer promised to open her office to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. Instead, Whitmer handed out taxpayer-funded hush money to her staff, made secret deals and still refuses to keep her promise of transparency.

Apparently, there’s plenty Whitmer wants to hide – and Michiganders are tired of politicians who won’t keep their promises.


When Governor Whitmer’s not using her pen to write unilateral pandemic orders or veto relief for taxpayers, she’s using it to rewrite history.

This week, Whitmer tweeted, “Kids belong in schools. That’s why my administration made sure that schools were able to open safely for in-person learning, because we know that students learn better in classrooms.” 

That’s shocking, coming from the governor who unilaterally shut down Michigan schools TWICE, and then enabled her teachers union allies to lock kids out of the classroom for weeks on end in some of Michigan’s largest school districts.

And it’s not the only bit of history she’s trying to rewrite. As reported by The Center Square: Critic says Michigan governor’s tweets are attempt to ‘rewrite’ history

“On March 21, Whitmer tweeted: “It’s critical that we uplift the voices of every small business owner as we continue growing our economy.”

“Both of the governor’s tweets seem like a dizzying change from an era not too long ago when she issued nearly 200 executive orders and frequently changed her own rules over the objections of the business community.”

Whitmer is hoping you won’t remember what she’s done, but Michigan parents, students and small business owners won’t forget the devastating consequences of her lockdowns and mandates.


Attorney General Dana Nessel delivered the keynote address at the Nursing Home Association’s annual convention this week, where she said she was “tired” of hearing that terrible things happened at nursing homes. Nessel went on to claim, “People are much safer, quite honestly, in your (nursing home) facilities than when you go into the Capitol Building.”

Nessel has consistently refused to investigate the consequences of Governor Whitmer’s order that sent COVID patients into nursing homes, even after the auditor general found the Whitmer administration had vastly understated COVID deaths in nursing homes and long term care facilities.

During today’s “No BS News Hour,” Charlie LeDuff didn’t mince words. “I bet you my house, more than half of all the deaths came from senior living facilities, and you got the temerity to talk to the lobbying group and the CEO’s and tell me you’re sick of hearing it?”

Michigan families deserve answers, and the victims of Whitmer’s COVID policies deserve justice. There must be a thorough investigation to ensure this never happens again.


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Tori Sachs

Executive Director

Michigan Freedom Fund