LANSING, MI – Today, Ford announced its plan to downsize the EV battery plant slated for Marshall, Michigan. The announcement comes after the state prepared around $1.8 billion in tax subsidies for the facility, with $630 million approved by Michigan Democrats earlier this year, followed by another $65 million even as construction for the site was paused amidst the UAW strike.

The facility’s downsizing includes 32% fewer jobs and a total reduction in investment from approximately $3.5 billion down to $2.2 billion. The Democrats’ push for EVs, combined with the extreme ‘Green New Deal’ is exceeding market demands as consumers continue to choose reliable and affordable energy and transportation options.

$420 million has already been allocated to the local economic development group, and $330 million has been allocated to the Michigan Department of Transportation. Notably, the facility faces pushback from Marshall residents who were harassed by a group that shares a phone number with Gretchen Whitmer’s previous campaign for governor.

“Michigan Democrats continue to pick winners and losers using our tax dollars, and taxpayers always end up being the losers,” said Mary Drabik, Communications Director for the Michigan Freedom Fund. “Governor Whitmer and Democrats must end the cycle of supporting projects that overpromise and underdeliver, and should instead find ways to ease tax burdens for Michigan families instead of big corporations.”