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Our Mission

Freedom is under attack.

Our team at the Michigan Freedom Fund is fighting back every day, holding government accountable to the people and defending the rights of citizens like you, who work hard, love their families and make a difference every single day.  

The Michigan Freedom Fund is the first line of defense against the radical Left. We are committed to the principles of limited government, transparency, and our Constitutional freedoms. We fight to champion conservative policies on behalf of you, the Michigan taxpayer.

Together, we will hold Governor Gretchen Whitmer accountable for the disastrous policies that cost Michigan lives and livelihoods, defend the Rule of Law against Attorney General Dana Nessel’s political agenda, and fight for election integrity and transparency from Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

With your help, we will protect Freedom and opportunity for future generations. Join our fight for Freedom.


Whitmer has no defense

Whitmer has no defense

For the first time in four years, Governor Whitmer (D-MEA) was forced to defend her record, and it didn’t go well.

The Woke Left is trying to sexualize our kids, and hundreds of parents showed up to protest the obscene material that made it into our schools.

The contrast between Gretchen Whitmer and Tudor Dixon couldn’t be more clear.

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The Michigan Freedom Fund fights to champion conservative policies on behalf of Michigan taxpayers. We are committed to the principles of limited government, transparency in government, and the freedoms found in the Constitution.