Gas shortages. Empty pumps. Stranded motorists.

On the East Coast they’re partying like it’s 1979. A temporary closure of the Colonial Pipeline set the nation on edge (or worse), and sent prices through the roof.

Thankfully fuel shortages haven’t reached Michigan. Yet.

That could all change, though, if Governor Whitmer gets her way.

This week the Governor bowed to the radical environmentalists in her political base, and ordered Enbridge energy to shutter their Line 5 pipeline. It’s a move that would take 540,000 barrels per day of light crude oil, light synthetic crude oil and natural gas liquids out of the state and away from the region.

The temporary crisis unfolding in states across the nation? Experts say it’s just a preview of the carnage Whitmer’s move would unleash on Michigan.

Whitmer’s move would create instant energy shortages, send gas prices skyrocketing, kill thousands – maybe tens-of-thousands of jobs, and it’d weaken the state in the face of the COVID pandemic, too.

That fuel that’s flowing through Line 5 right now? Michigan companies use it to make medical supplies, PPE and even hand sanitizer.

Of course, Governor Whitmer’s never been one to let the science or the data get in the way or a good game of partisan politics.


Greg McNeilly
Michigan Freedom Fund

Crain’s Detroit Business: Business groups warn of energy market disaster if Whitmer shuts Line 5

“A coalition of chambers of commerce for Canada, the United States, Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio have mounted a united front against Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s attempts to have Enbridge Inc.’s Line 5 oil pipeline shut down today, arguing such a move would trigger ‘energy emergencies’ in both countries.”

Fox News: Energy Secretary Granholm’s investment in electric vehicle battery company sparks concern

“The American people deserve transparency from their leaders,” Barrasso told Fox News. “Energy Secretary Granholm held millions of dollars of investments in an electric bus company, which was then toured by President Biden. She is playing a leading role in the Biden administration’s promotion of electric vehicles.

Barrasso also noted the promises Granholm made during her Senate confirmation.

“During her nomination hearing, Secretary Granholm committed to the Senate that she would avoid the appearance of any conflicts of interest,” Barrasso continued. “This looks like a significant conflict of interest to me.”

The Alpena News:
 Michigan labor is counting on Line 5, the Great Lakes Tunnel

“Shutting down Line 5 would create huge energy shortages. A shutdown would create higher gas and fuel prices. Our region would see a 14.7 million-gallons-a-day supply shortage of gas, diesel, and jet fuel alone.

“Pipeline opponents argue we could patch that hole by transporting the fuel via tanker trucks, but the suggestion is laughable. It’d take an estimated 2,100 new tanker trucks per day traveling across Michigan roads and highways to meet the need. Every one of them would be a public safety risk, a spill risk, and a pollution hazard.”