There are terrible ideas, and then there was Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s latest request to the United State Senate.

Benson testified Wednesday in support of a series of hyper-partisan election “reforms” that would politicize elections administration and strip Michigan of its ability to conduct its own elections.

You didn’t read that wrong. And you can watch her absurdly irresponsible testimony for yourself.

Jocelyn Benson has talked for years about the importance of nonpartisanship in elections, but abandoned the approach to back a brazen partisan power grab. Her push to politicize the independent Federal Elections Commission is a terrible idea. And it wasn’t the only one she offered.

Michiganians expect their elections to be clean, fair, and honest, and to be governed and administered by their local elected officials, not Washington, D.C. One would think the Secretary of State would jealously guard the important role that our states have in administering our elections but apparently for Jocelyn Benson, virtue signaling to the radical Left is more important than standing up for Michigan.

Putting the non-partisan FEC in the hands of partisan activists would further erode trust in our elections and be a disaster for fair elections and it would devastate public trust in the process.

It’s a miserable idea. Even by Jocelyn Benson’s genuinely radical standards.


Tony Daunt
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund