Poll: Whitmer Job Approval Plummets

Governor’s Constant Hypocrisy, Failed Recovery, Job-Killing Lockdown Orders Take Heavy Toll

LANSING, Mich. – New poll numbers released today by the Glengariff Group show Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s job approval numbers plummeting 11 points from this time last year – down to only 48% — according reporting in the Detroit News.

Analysts call her sub-50 approval a “marked shift.” Much of Whitmer’s diminished support has occurred among independents, with only 39% support and 51% disapproval.

Michiganders focusing on pocketbook issues and the jobs they lost during the pandemic may also be dragging down Whitmer’s approval numbers. Michigan’s economic recovery this summer ranked 51st in the nation. 

“Michiganders see through Gretchen Whitmer and they’re out of patience with her constant COVID hypocrisy,” said Tori Sachs, executive director of the Michigan Freedom Fund. “The Governor is more focused on partisan politics than getting moms and dads back to work. It’s not surprising that the people Whitmer’s put out of work are walking away from the failed hypocrisies that have engulfed the Whitmer administration.” 

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