Prevailing Wage Petitions Certified: Legislature Gets Huge Opportunity to Boost Economy, Defend Taxpayers

Court Stops Democrats from Disenfranchising Nearly 400,000 Michigan Voters

LANSING, MI, June 1, 2018 –Michigan Freedom Fund Executive Director Tony Daunt today encouraged members of the state legislature to approve a citizen-initiated effort to repeal costly prevailing wage red tape and regulation.  The legislature has the opportunity to strike a major blow for state taxpayers and boost the state economy after the courts stopped Democrats on the state Board of Canvassers from disenfranchising nearly 400,000 voters who legally signed a petition demanding repeal.

The Board certified the petitions on Friday morning.

“Michigan’s prevailing wage regulation cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars each year, forcing our schools and communities to pay dramatically higher rates for construction projects,” said Daunt.  “That’s not right.  And that’s why we’re so excited that members of the state legislature now have the opportunity to repeal Michigan’s costly prevailing wage mandate.  We encourage them to hold the vote as soon as possible.”


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