Michigan is still struggling to recover from Governor Whitmer’s strict lockdowns, but the Radical Left are focused on policies that would limit worker freedom and make our state less competitive.

Meanwhile, more schools are failing to educate our kids. The “Let MI Kids Learn” law would create privately-funded Opportunity Accounts, giving parents the money they need to help their children succeed, but Democrats continue to stand in the way of these scholarships.

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After Governor Whitmer’s harsh lockdowns led to one of the slowest recoveries in the entire nation, why do Democrats want to make it even worse by repealing Michigan’s Right-to-Work law?

For nearly ten years, Michigan workers have had the freedom to work without having to join or pay dues to a union. That’s delivered more jobs for our state and better careers for Michigan families:

  • Personal incomes grew only 0.6% over the 9 years before Right-to-Work, but increased by 21.9% in the 9 years after Right-to-Work;
  • Michigan’s population shrank by 120,401 in the 9 years before Right-to-Work, and grew by 130,060 in the 9 years after Right-to-Work;
  • Inflation-adjusted state revenue decreased by 17.9% in the ten years prior to Right-to-Work, and increased 15.3% in the ten years after Right-to-Work.

A repeal would send manufacturing jobs to greener pastures in neighboring Right-to-Work states like Indiana and Wisconsin – hurting our economy and the families who depend on those jobs to earn a living. 

We can’t afford to let these politicians take away workers’ freedom to choose.


By every metric, public schools are failing our kids. Math and reading have dropped to the lowest level in three decades. And more school districts have been identified as “low-achieving” after poor academic performance and worsening graduation rates. Despite historic investments in education funding, 255 Michigan schools need “comprehensive support and improvement,” up from 162 the last time the state measured performance.

It’s clear that our kids need help. The “Let MI Kids Learn” petition initiative would give parents access to privately-funded scholarships they could use to hire tutors, access summer school programs, mental health services, or send their students to another school. Unfortunately, Democrats continue to block these private funds.

The first “Let MI Kids Learn” petition was submitted to Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson on August 10 – almost four months ago. Michigan families are still waiting for Benson to do her job and certify the petitions. It’s time to put these private dollars directly in the hands of parents, and put Michigan students first.


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Cameron Pickford
Communications Director
Michigan Freedom Fund