Rep. Stephanie Chang Owes Michigan Parents an Apology – NOW – after Shocking Public Insults & Name-Calling

Chang’s Senior Legislative Staff Quoted in National Publications Calling Parents Who Homeschool “Scary” and ‘Crazy’ 

LANSING, MI, September 3, 2015 –The Michigan Freedom Fund today called on state Rep. Stephanie Chang to apologize and publicly retract statements attributed to her legislative director, Ellen Heinitz, calling Michigan parents who choose to homeschool their children “scary” and ‘crazy.’

“Stephanie Chang owes every Michigan parent an apology and she owes them one now,” said Freedom Fund President Terri Reid. “Michigan parents want what’s best for their kids, and the last thing they deserve are schoolyard insults and name calling from Democrats like Chang. Maybe parents shouldn’t be surprised by this kind of juvenile behavior though, considering Chang is the same politician who introduced a bill to send police officers to investigate homeschoolers twice a year in their homes.”


Chang’s legislative director is quoted in stories published this week on prominent national liberal websites Pro-Publica and viciously attacking parents who choose to educate their children at home.

“I’ve never seen a lobby more powerful and scary,” Chang’s staffer is quoted as saying. “They make the anti-vaxxers seem rational.”

Chang this spring introduced legislation to force every parent who chooses to homeschool their children to register their names and their children’s, and to submit twice annually to home visits from law enforcement or other officials sent to ensure parents haven’t murdered their children.

The Democrat’s new legislation is the latest big-government scheme designed to force and frighten parents into enrolling their children in government schools and removing their freedom to decide how their children are educated.



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