It has been over a year since COVID-19 came to Michigan and Gov. Whitmer’s “emergency” rule by fiat transformed our state. Since then, we still have no scientific evidence from the Governor’s office to justify any of her orders or restrictions. Meanwhile, countless businesses have gone under, students have lost out on a year of education, and the Governor continues to trample on the rights of ordinary citizens through her callous and arbitrary orders.

And if you happen to disagree with her orders, then the radical Left labels you a “science denier,” never mind that no actual science has been presented to deny.

There’s no scientific evidence, that is, unless you’re referring to political science. Once viewed through that lens, things suddenly become very clear.  Her decisions in 2020 had less to do with protecting the vulnerable (e.g. sending COVID patients to nursing homes) and more to do with helping Joe Biden across the finish line. Her decisions today are made with 2022 and her re-election campaign firmly in mind.

The only transparent thing about Gov. Whitmer’s approach during the pandemic has been the hypocrisy. Early on it was her husband’s boating incident, or going up north to “rake leaves” while she ordered everyone else to stay put.

When COVID cases surged this month, she publicly begged President Biden for more vaccines – but failed to mention that she hadn’t ordered 360,000 doses that were available to our state.

Most recently, her COO, Tricia Foster caught flack for taking a vacation to Florida. Then Elizabeth Hertel, her new director of MDHHS was busted vacationing on the gulf coast of Alabama – after her own office cautioned people not to travel for Spring Break. Gov. Whitmer said there was nothing to see here. It’s all just a partisan attack.

Now we know why.

While going on national television and telling the citizens of Michigan not to travel to Florida, that we couldn’t jeopardize the strides we’d made in fighting COVID-19 until everyone was vaccinated, that “we’re all in this together,” Governor Whitmer herself took a trip to Florida – before she had been vaccinated.

We can’t trust Gov. Whitmer’s “science,” and we can’t trust the Governor. Her go-it-alone approach hasn’t worked for our state. There can’t be one set of rules for her and her team, and another set of rules for the rest of us.

It’s up to each of us to protect our neighbors and loved ones, and it always has been. Choose the vaccine that’s right for you. Support the local businesses that she turned her back on. Fight to get kids back in schools. And help us hold her accountable for her hypocritical actions.

Cameron Pickford is the Communications Director for the Michigan Freedom Fund.