The news isn’t good. A new study analyzing health metrics, leisure and travel, local economies and the labor market ranks Michigan 51st – dead last in the nation for recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Secret footage from a private Democratic National Committee meeting reveals where Gov. Whitmer’s priorities lie:

Instead of focusing on Michigan’s recovery efforts, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer opted to play partisan politics, and attacked the Michigan Freedom Fund.

She left the state for the inauguration. Snuck away on a private jet to Florida. Violated her own social distancing orders at an East Lansing dive bar. And now she’s coming after us, because we dared to highlight her hypocrisy.

But we can’t do it alone.

Your contribution today will help us continue to hold Gov. Whitmer accountable.

With your help, we will continue to expose her reckless double-standards. It’s time for Gov. Whitmer to finally put the people of Michigan first.

For Freedom,

Tori Sachs

Executive Director

Michigan Freedom Fund

Iosco News Herald: Report: Michigan’s COVID-19 vaccination failure contributed to killing 2,500 people

A USA TODAY article dives into Michigan’s vaccine focus on “equity” instead of protecting those most vulnerable to COVID-19. A surge of COVID-19 cases late in the pandemic killed 2,500 people.

Michigan Capitol Confidential: Attorney General Wanted Lockdown-Defying Restaurant Owner Arrested Before Going On Fox News

After learning that a Holland woman who defied state lockdown orders by keeping her restaurant open might go on Fox News to tell her story, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said in a March 12, 2021, email to her staff:

“Do we know her whereabouts? We should just have her picked up before she goes on. This is outrageous.”

Deadline Detroit: LeDuff: Elderly Covid Deaths in Michigan Don’t Add Up. Why Doesn’t the Media Care More?

Untold more elderly died in long-term elderly care facilities from Covid-19 than either governor would admit. Both Whitmer and Cuomo knew the data they were feeding the public was misleading or incomplete.

But the press didn’t bother to hold power to account, no matter what their Twitter pages say.