Senate Republicans to Detroit Parents: Your Kids Don’t Matter

Republican Senators Set New Standard for Shame with Plan to Abandon Detroit School Children, Declare Detroit a No-Choice Zone

LANSING, MI, March 22, 2016 –The Michigan Freedom Fund today excoriated Senate Republicans for jamming through a Detroit Public Schools bailout plan that leaves the fate of school choice in the city in the hands of an unelected education commission handpicked by an opponent of public school options and his teacher union allies.

Michigan_Senate_Republican_Caucus.pngThe bill approved today by the Senate would establish a Detroit Education Commission, giving the Mayor of Detroit and his handpicked cronies the power to prevent any additional charter schools from ever locating in Detroit, limiting parental choice and trapping countless future Detroiters in a public school system that has irreparably failed generations of Detroit students.

Duggan and Steve Cook, the President of the Michigan Education Association, are vocal opponents of parental choice in education and have publicly praised Senate Republican leadership for today’s legislation.

“It’s no wonder union special interests applauded Senate Republicans today. Shameful doesn’t begin to describe Senate Republicans’ willingness to strip Detroit parents of the future educational opportunities their children need,” said Terri Reid, President of the Michigan Freedom Fund. “The insanity of this package is that it focuses on preserving the status quo rather than expanding expectations and increasing accountability. Stunningly, not only have the cowards in the Republican caucus been willing to abandon their principles, now they’re trying to wipe away future generations of Detroiters’ best chance at a quality education.

“Tens of thousands of Detroit families have already fought back against a broken and failed school district and have found hope and a brighter future in charter public schools. It’s deplorable that when Detroiters need them the most, Senate Republicans refused to stand with them.” 

50 charter public schools currently operate in the city of Detroit, educating an estimated 30,000 Detroit school children. 

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