Senate Should Abandon SB 437 in Wake of Nofs’ Admission Bill Raises Rates on Families and Schools

Latest Substitute Language even More Harmful to Ratepayers

Sign_the_Petition_-_Support_Energy_Choice.pngLANSING, MI, September 21, 2016 – The Michigan Freedom Fund today asked the state Senate to formally abandon Senate Bill 437 in the wake of devastating admissions by the bill’s sponsor, Senator Mike Nofs, that his bill will raise rates on Michigan families and hundreds of public schools. 

Nofs on Friday and again on Monday admitted to Capital reporters that under SB 437 Michiganders “costs are going to go up.” 

“Senate Bill 437 is devastating for Michigan ratepayers,” said Freedom Fund Executive Director Tony Daunt. “For more than a year now ratepayer advocates from the Michigan Freedom Fund to public school leaders, and some of the state’s biggest employers have sounded the warning bell that Nofs’ legislation will dramatically raise rates on schools, families and job makers. Now Mike Nofs has admitted it as well, and doubled down with new substitute language that’s even worse than the original version. 

“The Senate shouldn’t rush through bad legislation. It’s time they make the right call, stand up for schools, families, and workers, and abandon Senate Bill 437.” 


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