This week in Lansing, Governor Gretchen Whitmer provided a crystal clear and frightening look behind the curtain when asked by the press why she hasn’t removed her boot from the throats of millions of workers she’s blocked from earning a living.

At a press conference Wednesday, she was asked what numbers or metrics she’d need to see to finally relent and move the state from phase 3 to phase 4 on her highly touted, 6-phase “MI Safe Start Plan.”

Phase 4, the part of the plan where she promised earlier this month she’d lift her restrictions on gatherings and work for millions of Michiganians employed in a variety of small and medium sized businesses, listed a few benchmarks.

She’d need to see that COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths were clearly declining.

They’ve been clearly declining since the middle of April, while testing has ramped up dramatically. So, reporters asked – what numbers or metrics for Phase 4? “Well, there is no number or metric,” she replied. Say what now?! Despite two months of spouting the same old talking points about letting the science and data guide her fear mongering… er, decision making… now she’s telling us her decisions will be based on “human nature.”

She won’t lift her lockdown. She won’t let you work. Power, control, and giving your elected representatives in the state legislature the middle finger are more important than your livelihood to Gretchen Whitmer.

Michigan workers, moms and dads? They’ve done their part. They’ve demonstrated their spirit of sacrifice and of community. They’ve achieved the data benchmarks she laid out just weeks earlier. Our hospitals aren’t overwhelmed.

They’ve laid bare their “human nature.” So too, it seems, has the Governor.


Tony Daunt

Executive Director

Michigan Freedom Fund