He finally testified.

Robert Gordon, the “resigned” former director of the state’s health department testified in Lansing this week about the secret hush money scandal that’s swept over Lansing these last many weeks.

Gordon, you’ll remember, was pushed aside by Governor Gretchen Whitmer, handed a fat check for more than $155,000 by Attorney General Dana Nessel, and forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement, guaranteeing he wouldn’t talk about the details surrounding his “resignation” or any of the governor’s other dirty secrets.

He was pushed aside when he believed the governor was issuing orders that conflicted with his interpretation of “the science,” he testified.

We can only imagine what he thought about her decision to sneak out of Lansing on a private plane to visit family in Florida while advising the little people back home to keep off the roads and away from the beaches.

What’s Governor Whitmer’s take? How does she respond? Was she really issuing pandemic orders that conflicted with the health experts’ guidance?

We’re not sure. Because she isn’t talking.

Probably too busy planning her next secret getaway.


Tony Daunt
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund

Michigan Capitol Confidential: Data Doesn’t Support Narrative of ‘School Sports Caused the Surge’

WDET carried an April 7 story with the headline: “Michigan’s Latest Wave of COVID-19 Infections Being Driven by Youth Sports, Child Care.” 

“Unlike previous surges, Michigan’s latest wave of COVID-19 infections is being driven by young people,” the article said.

But state data doesn’t back up that claim. Instead, it shows there have been only 1,189 cases from K-12 sports and youth club/travel sports from Jan. 1 to Apr. 17. That’s 0.35% of all cases over that period.

Detroit News: Editorial: Shaming wrong approach to boost vaccines

This is a problem as the nation seeks to reach herd immunity, yet state and national officials should be very careful in how they try to reach this part of the population. Insulting them is not the right approach, as some reports, including a recent one from Kaiser Health News, have done in singling out rural, conservative strongholds such as Hillsdale County. Trying to make “COVID denialism” and vaccine resistance a Republican problem could make these individuals dig in their heels more, especially if criticism is coming from Democrats.

Fox 2 Detroit: Rep. Jewell Jones, female passenger found with pants down before arrest, per report

Michigan State Representative Jewell Jones (D-Inkster) was found with his pants down with a woman when he was arrested three weeks ago in Livingston County, according to a report from Michigan Information & Research Service (MIRS).

The Michigan lawmaker was brought up on obstruction and weapons charges and was seen resisting arrest in dashcam footage during the traffic stop, in which he is also accused of trying to use his position as a lawmaker to get out of the arrest, saying he would call Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on them during the stop.