There’s a growing threat to Freedom, but it’s not conservative Republicans. (Sorry, Joe!) It’s unelected bureaucrats run amok.

Governor Whitmer (D-MEA) locked kids out of their classrooms and now test scores in math and reading are the lowest in decades.

Rising prices continue to squeeze Michigan families and small businesses.

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MEA) mandated the longest school closures in the nation to appease her radical teachers’ union allies. Now, a new report shows just how devastating these school closures and the failure to get students back into classrooms at the start of this year have been for student learning.

Elementary math scores dropped 7 percent, and reading scores fell 5 percent – the biggest drop in 30 years. Even the Biden administration is blaming draconian lockdown’s like for the awful test scores.

When Whitmer got the opportunity to give parents reading scholarships to help kids catch up, she vetoed them at the behest of the unions. It’s time to set students free from the selfish teachers’ unions and give every family a choice in their education.


The increase in food costs is the highest since 1979. Gas prices are at a 10-year high.

Rising prices are squeezing Michigan families and small businesses.

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The Natural Resources Commission, a seven-person appointed board, has implemented new rules requiring Michigan hunters to report their deer harvests within 72 hours – or else. Failure to report the details of the kill, including the location and even the weapon used could carry a misdemeanor penalty. It’s a shocking overreach that has many concerned that it could make criminals out of hunters who aren’t aware of the new rules.

Overreach by unelected government employees is sadly nothing new: 

  • Bureaucrats at the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration tried to make temporary COVID-19 restrictions permanent
  • Michigan’s Redistricting Commission voted to give themselves a 7% taxpayer-funded raise after their work was completed
  • There are 87,000 new IRS employees coming to audit your taxes

As Lord Acton wrote, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The more power unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats take for themselves, the greater the threat they are to our Freedom. It’s time we rein in the bureaucratic state and give this power back to the people’s elected representatives.


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