At the beginning of the pandemic, we encouraged restraint. We commended Governor Whitmer at the time for working to keep our citizens safe and informed. And while we disagree strongly on matters of policy, we fight with ideas, with our words, and our vote.

We stand for the Rule of Law. Violence and vigilantism are never an option, and we applaud law enforcement for their swift intervention and apprehension of the individuals responsible for the deranged plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer. Those who would take the law into their own hands do a disservice to every American citizen.

Our system of government works. Last week, we saw the rule of law in action, as the Michigan Supreme Court struck a massive blow for freedom and every Michiganian’s constitutional rights. The Court provided a necessary check to Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s power, declaring her handling of the coronavirus pandemic illegal and unconstitutional.

They restored the legislature to their proper role as a co-equal branch of government, and the peoples’ most responsive and accountable representation. Work with them, the Court told Whitmer. The Constitution requires it.

For her part, the Governor spent the last week attacking the Court, hurling insults at them, and sending out administration officials and department heads to attempt one end run around their ruling after another.

She’s got her sights set on the court, and she’s determined to undermine their credibility and their influence as another co-equal branch of government.

The good news?

There’s something specific and absolutely critical that you can do about it.

This November’s ballot features the opportunity to select two members of the state’s high court. It also features two candidates – Brock Swartzle and Mary Kelly – who’ve demonstrated a consistent commitment to the constitution and the rule of law.

Justice Stephen Markman, who helped craft last week’s decision overruling Whitmer’s government-by-fiat, is prohibited from running for reelection because of age limits on the court. Choosing a rule-of-law judge to replace him couldn’t be more important.

The court did its part. Now it’s voters’ turn to defend the Rule of Law.


Tony Daunt

Michigan Freedom Network