Gretchen Whitmer is under fire after calling women “menstruating people.” And it’s not even the first time. Meanwhile, the roads still aren’t fixed, gas and grocery costs are out of control, and thousands of jobs are leaving the state. It’s not surprising that Governor Whitmer would rather talk about anything but her own failed record.

Dana Nessel made headlines after declaring she wants “a drag queen for every school.” That won’t help the students who are still trying to catch up after Whitmer locked down their schools. And it won’t help parents who argue schools are too focused on indoctrinating their kids instead of educating them.

Debbie Stabenow gloated that she’s not affected by high gas prices because she (finally) got her electric car. Never mind that EV’s cost almost as much as the average Michigan family earns in a year. Never mind that local power companies are warning about rolling blackouts because the grid can’t handle current demand.

These are just the latest examples of the extremism and elitism of the Michigan Democrat party. Welcome to the new normal from today’s out-of-touch Radical Left.