After Michigan kids experienced record declines in math, reading and mental health, Governor Whitmer (D-MEA) is desperately trying to rewrite history. 

The Biden administration wants to take the engine out of the Motor City.

Rising prices are increasing the financial strain on families and MSU is under fire for considering a resolution to force their vendors to donate to Democrat causes.

We have the news you need to know in this week’s Frontlines of Freedom.


After the worst student test scores in decades, Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MEA) is desperately attempting to rewrite history. But even the Biden admin admitted that lockdowns like Whitmer’s caused the steep decline in student learning.

But Whitmer didn’t just close schools (twice). She put union leaders and school bureaucrats ahead of our kids. Whitmer vetoed summer reading programs, reading scholarship and opportunity accounts that could have provided students with tutoring they needed to catch up.

Whitmer is delusional if she thinks families will forget what she has done to their kids. It’s time to put the parents back in charge and give every student educational freedom and choice.


After record gas prices and rising inflation, the Biden admin now wants to take the engine out of the Motor City.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen visited Detroit this week to talk about Biden’s plan to “rid” the country of “dependence on fossil fuels.” Energy Secretary (and former Michigan governor) Jennifer Granholm voiced support for California’s gas-powered car ban. Even Whitmer has pushed to subsidize electric vehicles with your tax dollars.

But these plans aren’t anti-gas: they’re anti-worker. Michigan will pay for their extreme green agenda with higher prices and fewer jobs.


Student loan forgiveness. Green energy programs. Abortion. Biden and Whitmer are desperate to talk about anything but their own records and the kitchen table issues that actually affect everyday people in Michigan.

A majority of Americans, 56%, say price increases in the Whitmer-Biden economy are causing financial hardship for their families. That’s up from 45% in November. 

Fall is around the corner, and apple cider is just one example of how those price hikes are hurting small businesses and consumers. The price of everything from gas to jugs to donut mix and margarine has increased, and that’s driving the cost of cider up to $9, $11 and even $13.95 per gallon. And the Democrats’ plan to address inflation will make the pain families are feeling even worse.


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Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund