Lansing, MI – The Michigan Freedom Fund’s Democrat Madness Bracket Challenge concluded over the weekend, with voters choosing Democrat’s radical proposal to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants as the worst idea in Lansing. The dangerous plan narrowly beat Democrats’ expensive green climate law that removed the zoning rights of local communities and gave it to unelected bureaucrats in Lansing.

In their pandering to the progressive left, Democrats’ House Bills 4410-4412 and Senate Bills 267-267 further complicate illegal immigration concerns voiced by law enforcement by giving illegal immigrants in Michigan a driver’s license.

“Folks across Michigan are seeing first hand the repercussions of Biden’s failed border policy,” said Zach Rudat, Advocacy Director of the Michigan Freedom Fund. “We’ve seen the murder of Ruby Garcia in Grand Rapids, record-breaking fentanyl seizures in Livonia, and increased home burglaries in Oakland County. Allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses will put Michigan on the map for those crossing the border illegally, putting our communities at further risk.”

“Lansing Republicans want to be part of the Michigan solution to the Biden border crisis,” Rudat added. “They’ve proposed statewide bans on sanctuary cities, increased fentanyl-related penalties, and sending the Michigan National Guard to Texas to help Governor Abbott. Lansing Democrats have no interest in being part of the solution — will they pass legislation that makes the problem worse?”

Illegal Immigrants have not been able to obtain Michigan driver’s licenses since 2007 when former Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox issued a legal opinion banning the practice.

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