No matter how Governor Whitmer tries to spin it, Michigan is on the wrong track – and Michigan families, workers and business owners know it every time they pay for gas, groceries, or other bills.

The Radical Left is already implementing their socialist agenda in Michigan – and they’re doing it in plain sight.

We’ve got the news you need to know in this week’s Frontlines of Freedom.


Inflation in the Whitmer-Biden economy rose to 8.5%, breaking yet another terrible 40-year record. Michigan families faced with rising gas prices and grocery bills are struggling to make ends meet, and Governor Whitmer’s policies continue to make things worse.

Meanwhile, Governor Whitmer is desperate to rewrite her record – pretending that Michigan’s floundering economic recovery is the “best in state history” when it was her own lockdowns and mandates that crushed Michigan’s economy in the first place. We launched a new digital ad campaign to set the record straight.

Digital Ad: This is Pain, Not Recovery

Workers, business owners and families across the state are seeing the very real consequences of Whitmer’s disastrous policies every time they go to the grocery store, gas station, or pay their rent. This is pain, not recovery!


A news report this week promoted a “pilot program” being launched in the city of Detroit to provide some families with a “Universal Basic Income,” primarily using Federal Covid relief funds. WXYZ reports a similar program has already been implemented in Ann Arbor.

Universal Basic Income is a backdoor to socialism, providing a monthly payment with no strings attached and further increasing dependence on the government.

Michigan doesn’t need more government programs, more debt spending or more socialism. With rising inflation already hitting the pocketbooks of everyone in Michigan, the government should instead focus on fiscally responsible policies – like reducing the state income tax – giving everyone in Michigan the chance to thrive.


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For Freedom,

Tori Sachs
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund