Holding Governor Whitmer accountable for her draconian power grabs starts with ensuring citizens and watchdogs have access to public records.

No wonder the Governor recently issued an executive order effectively and indefinitely cancelling the state’s Freedom of Information Act.

That’s not right, and she won’t get away with it without a fight.

Governor Whitmer cancelled the state’s freedom of information laws because she’s determined to seize power – and reward her political allies – in secret.

We’re fighting back.

Whitmer continues to use her illegitimate Executive Orders to stand on the throat of Michigan’s economy and our freedoms, all while she goes about chasing her dream of being Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential pick.

Among the most egregious moves was Whitmer’s decision to hand Michigan patients’ private health data over to her partisan campaign vendors – potentially to help them build political lists to assist Joe Biden’s run for President and her future runs for office.

With FOIA laws suspended by fiat, she almost got away with it, but a whistleblower pulled the lid off the scandal, and we’re learning more every day.

The state legislature is now on the job, too, forming a special oversight committee with subpoena power to investigate the Governor’s corrupt actions.

It’s an important step towards bringing transparency to an administration that’s doing everything it can to hide information from the people she was elected to serve.


Tony Daunt

Executive Director

Michigan Freedom Fund