Racist epithets.

Rape jokes.

Referring to women with offensive, obscene and inappropriate terminology.

Anthony Eid, one of the 13 unelected members of the state’s Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission currently redrawing Michigan’s legislative maps, was exposed this week after Gongwer news service reported years’ worth of offensive, racist and misogynistic tweets.

Gongwer News Service Michigan reported:
“Other of Mr. Eid’s posts made offensive references to women. One called women he encountered in a gas station “h*es” and another referred to “junior sl*ts” he supposedly encountered at a 7-Eleven convenience store. Several more included quotations invoking supposed jokes about both male and female genitalia.”
Eid was tapped by Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to serve on the Commission after he signed an affidavit claiming to be politically “Independent.”
That’s another problem for Eid, after his social media history exposed him as a vocal far-left Democrat who has long supported radical Democrats like Bernie Sanders.
Now national news reports about Eid’s not-so-secret partisanship are calling into question Eid’s position on the Commission and creating a huge new integrity problem for the entire redistricting process.
The not-so-secret Democrat has been a leading voice pushing the Commission to gerrymander maps to favor the Democratic Party.
As an “independent,” his presence on the Commission is now putting a hyper-liberal thumb on the scales that’ll impact every voter in the state.
We need you to take two minutes and submit a public comment to the redistricting commission urging them to produce fair maps – not partisan, left-wing maps drawn by Bernie Bros.
For Freedom,

Tori Sachs
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund

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