“Voters Not Politicians” Exposed: Ballot Committee Leadership Stacked (Exclusively) with Partisan Democrats

Hyper-Partisan Organization Led by Hillary Clinton Activist


LANSING, MI, December 18, 2017 –Voters Not Politicians, the organization submitting signatures today to put Michigan redistricting in the hands of partisan bureaucrats, potentially running afoul of the Voting Rights Act, is led exclusively by partisan Democratic donors, activists, and a Democratic trial attorney, according to public records, the Federal Election Commission and the Michigan Campaign Finance database.

According to campaign finance records, 7 of the 10 members of the ballot committee’s leadership have donated a combined $5,648 to Democratic candidates and causes, including Mark Schauer, Virg Bernero, Jennifer Granholm, Hillary Clinton, ACT BLUE, and many more.  A list of the donations can be found here.

The Committee’s President, Katie Fahey, is a former Hillary Clinton activist who made national news last November when she traveled to New York to participate in Clinton’s later-scuttled victory party. 

Jim Lancaster, the Committee’s attorney, is a longtime, prominent Michigan Democratic trial lawyer.

Vice President and Policy Coordinator Nancy Wang, Canvassing and Field Team Director Jamie Lyons-Eddy, Marketing and Communications Director Amelia Quilon, Advisory Council Director Walt Sorg, Outreach and Data Integrity Director Davia Downey, Education Director Lija Hogan, and Finance Director John Hanieski have all written personal checks to Democratic candidates or causes.  Not one has contributed a penny to a Republican cause or candidate.

“Voters Not Politicians has been dishonest with voters from the start,” said Terri Reid, President of the Michigan Freedom Fund.  “This organization was created by Democrats, run by Democrats, and, undoubtedly, bankrolled by Democrats.  Voters deserve better than this kind of partisan masquerade.  They deserve transparency.  They deserve the truth.”