We found Gretchen Whitmer’s playbook, and we want you to have a copy.

The Hypocrite Governor’s “Rules for Thee, but Not for Me” Playbook gives you a blow-by-blow explainer detailing Whitmer’s unscientific, job-killing performance as Governor, and her constant refusal to follow her own rules.

You can secure your own full-color copy of the playbook, covering 20 of Whitmer’s most hypocritical, cynical attacks on working families and integrity. 

Just click here to reserve your print copy today. Of course, you can always check it out online, too.

The secret to Gretchen Whitmer’s playbook is simple – assume that if the Governor is demanding you do it, the odds are she’s refusing to do it herself.

Now that we know Whitmer’s playbook, we know what to expect over the next year. 
With your help, we’ll fight back and stand up for workers, families and the Constitution better than ever before.

For Freedom,

Tori Sachs
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund

Deadline Detroit: Detroit Council Corruption Probe Involves Nonprofit that Helped Kill Grassroots Initiative 

New information on the focus of the FBI probe into several city council members and their staffers is emerging. The Detroit News, citing anonymous sources, reports that besides towing, the feds are “looking into whether anyone personally benefited from campaign contributions or nonprofit donations and whether they extorted business people.”
Some parents at Saline Area Schools are upset with sex ed material the district plans to give to children with developmental disabilities from seventh grade and higher, with one parent calling it “stick-figure porn.”
Michigan Republicans are mounting a court challenge against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s move to blow past campaign fundraising laws and raise unlimited funds for next year’s reelection bid. It’s a welcome lawsuit. The governor is engaged in a scam aimed at giving her an unearned advantage in the 2022 race.
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s (D) job approval is crashing in her state, as she has lost the support of the majority of independent voters.