Secret deals.

Hush money.

Six-figure paydays to buy the silence of failed senior administration officials.

And all on taxpayers’ dime.

This week brought troubling public revelations about Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s common and expensive use of tax dollars to fund hush money payments to senior officials who have left her administration under murky circumstances.

First the Detroit News uncovered a secret $155,000 payout from the state treasury to former Health and Human Services Director Robert Gordon. All he had to do to rake in the cash was sign a legal document promising not to talk about what he knew, what he did, or what he saw working with the Governor.

Then the press learned Gordon’s top deputy got a settlement, too.

So reporters uncovered another – the former head of the state’s scandal-plagued unemployment agency pulled in almost $85,000 to go away and keep his lips sealed.

What do Whitmer and these bureaucrats have to hide? Who else sold their silence?

And what, exactly, is Whitmer trying to coverup?

We simply don’t know – and that’s the biggest outrage of them all.


Tony Daunt
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund