Whitmer is “Ridin’ with Biden,” and would do “just about anything” for Biden. Which leads to the question: What won’t Whitmer do?

Meanwhile, prices are rising, wages are dropping and Michigan families continue to  struggle.

And actions have consequences for our kids. Whitmer vetoed reading scholarships, and now fewer Michigan students can read.

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MEA) said she was “Ridin’ with Biden,” and she would “do just about anything for Joe Biden.”

Just watch: Anything?

While auditioning to be Biden’s VP, Whitmer imposed the harshest lockdowns in the country, closed our schools, and shut down small businesses. Today, Michigan has one of the slowest economic recoveries from the pandemic in the nation. Students have had record declines in their math, reading and mental health.

Whitmer is putting Biden first, and the people of Michigan last. What won’t Whitmer do for Biden?


After Joe Biden falsely claimed inflation was “zero percent,” annual prices rose 8.3% in August. The so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” didn’t reduce inflation at all. The increase in debt and government spending made inflation worse.

That’s bad news for the Michigan families who are struggling to put food on the table. Grocery prices are up 13.5% from last year. Hourly wages have dropped 2.8% and food banks have seen a 75% increase in daily visitors.

Michigan has billions in extra revenue, but instead of helping Michigan families and workers, Whitmer vetoed tax cuts. She supported Biden’s reckless spending, and today we have higher prices and fewer jobs.


As a favor to her teachers’ union allies, Governor Whitmer (D-MEA) vetoed summer reading programs. She vetoed reading scholarships. Whitmer vetoed opportunity accounts to help families with tutoring, textbooks, transportation and more. The results have been devastating.

Student reading scores have seen the biggest drop in thirty years. The number of third-graders who failed the state’s standardized reading test increased from 4.8 percent to 5.8 percent.

Our students are paying the price for Whitmer’s loyalty to the teachers’ unions.


The Michigan Freedom Network announced additional endorsements for the state House and Senate.

These champions for Freedom are ready to fight on behalf of the families and workers that have suffered under the extreme policies of the Lockdown Left.

A complete list of the Michigan Freedom Network’s endorsed candidates for the state legislature can be found at michiganfreedomnetwork.com/endorsements.


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