Where do Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Rep. Elissa Slotkin, Rep. Haley Stevens and other high profile Michigan Democrats stand on critical race theory? 

They’re not saying while actively trying to hide what they think about it from voters.

CRT has made a lot of headlines lately. It’s an insidious philosophy being pushed in schools that tells people what they do and what they believe is less important than what they look like.
The ultimate goal of the philosophy is to eliminate personal freedom, abandon capitalism, and dismiss the concept of equality. It’s a push that’s too often being targeted at our kids.
Freedom Fund Chairman Greg McNeilly writes this week in the Detroit News:
“There’s a debate raging in Washington, D.C., Lansing, local governments and school districts over the merits of individual freedom, equality and even capitalism: Do we embrace the American dream and our commitment to liberty — the qualities that have long made the United States ‘a shining city on a hill,’ or are equality and opportunity no longer worth protecting?
“…No wonder so many voters are concerned (polling shows the overwhelming majority oppose CRT), and so many parents are flooding school board meetings to fight back. Alas, they don’t always get direct answers from their elected leaders.
“In just the last few weeks, the curtain’s been pulled back on metro Detroit members of Congress, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Department of Education.”
Stevens told her own constituents she isn’t willing to tell them how she feels about CRT. Slotkin’s office got busted trying to hide a top staffer’s push through a community group to get CRT taught in Michigan schools. Governor Whitmer? She just paid six-figures in tax dollars to create a position in the Department of Education critics say will push CRT.
None will answer direct questions. As Greg says, “their silence speaks volumes.”

For Freedom,

Tori Sachs
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund

Deadline Detroit: LeDuff: With Cuomo Gone, Perhaps the Spotlight will Turn to Whitmer and Michigan’s Nursing Home Deaths

But Whitmer’s coattails may be no longer than a cummerbund. The Michigan Auditor General has taken up the task of recounting the number nursing home deaths. And if those findings turn out to be anything like James found in New York, Michiganders will have a front row seat to the wildest governor’s race of 2022, now that they don’t have Cuomo to kick around.
The Washington Free Beacon reported on Monday that the Livingston Diversity Council, where Slotkin aide Mona Shand is board member at large, defends the controversial concept on its website. Under the “critical race theory” section, the website directs readers to an article titled “Advocate for Critical Race Theory in Education.” “What can we, here in Livingston County, Michigan, do?” it asks before linking to the article by author Nicole Cardoza.
“Imagine a world where we aren’t asked to choose between funding our schools and other crucial public services like fixing our roads and bridges, cleaning up our water and ensuring everyone has access to food, shelter, and health care,” Hecker wrote. State funding for K-12 public schools and transportation is a combined $17.4 billion in 2020-21. When adjusted for inflation, that’s $2.3 billion more than 2010-11 funding levels.
“It’s a shame that Gov. Whitmer threw people trying to help her under the bus while she desperately tried to cover up her hypocrisy of taking a private jet to Florida, while she advised everyone else not to go there,” Tori Sachs, executive director of the conservative Michigan Freedom Fund, said Monday. “Whitmer showed no regard for her own recommendations or the FAA rules.”