Hypocritical Whitmer Must End Forced Masking Statewide

LANSING, MI – The day after Whitmer chose to go maskless while others around her were masked at a Saginaw event, she suddenly rescinded her administration’s guidance calling for masks in schools. Many school districts, including Saginaw Public Schools, have recently moved to impose their own mask requirements. The Michigan Freedom Fund is again calling on Governor Gretchen Whitmer to end all forced masking and restore individual freedom.

This latest hypocrisy from Governor Whitmer comes on the heels of celebrities ignoring masking requirements at the Super Bowl and Democrat politicians across the countryalso choosing not to wear a mask.

“Yesterday, Governor Whitmer chose to go maskless yet again, in another show of her hypocrisy. After repeatedly breaking her own rules and recommendations, Whitmer has finally dropped the nonsensical mask guidance, yet thousands of students across the state are still under the rule of forced masking” said Tori Sachs, executive director of the Michigan Freedom Fund. “It’s past time for all forced masking and COVID mandates to end.“Our children have seen the hypocrisy with their own eyes for months and parents are fed up with the harm caused to our children. Shame on Governor Whitmer for waiting this long and prioritizing politics over our kids’ mental health and future.” This isn’t the first time Governor Whitmer has reversed a policy after getting caught violating her own rules. After she was photographed violating her own social distancing rules while maskless at a bar in East Lansing, her administration finally lifted those rules. When she lifted restrictions on motor boats, her husband tried to pull rank to get his boat in the water ahead of others.
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