For the first time in four years, Governor Whitmer (D-MEA) was forced to defend her record, and it didn’t go well.

The Woke Left is trying to sexualize our kids, and hundreds of parents showed up to protest the obscene material that made it into our schools.

The contrast between Gretchen Whitmer and Tudor Dixon couldn’t be more clear.

Here’s the latest from the Frontlines of Freedom


Gretchen Whitmer and Tudor Dixon met for the first of two gubernatorial debates, and it was one for the ages. For the first time in four years, Whitmer was forced to defend her record, and I’ll be blunt – I’ve seen a better defense from the Lions this year.

The career politician struggled, lied, dodged and tried to laugh off the steady barrage of facts, but most Michiganders aren’t laughing. Under Whitmer, Michigan leads the nation in small business closings, and students’ reading and math levels are at all time lows. Michigan has lost almost 82,000 jobs, and violent crime is on the rise.

Gretchen Whitmer’s policies are radical, dangerous and dishonest for Michigan.


There’s trouble brewing for the Woke Left and the public school bureaucracy in Dearborn, Michigan. The local school board abruptly ended a meeting earlier this week after a large crowd arrived to protest sexualized content that was made available to children, and hundreds of parents swarmed the rescheduled meeting Thursday night.

Sadly, we’re not surprised that parents are having to fight for their kids. The Michigan Democrats said parents shouldn’t have a say in their kids’ education. Dana Nessel called for “a drag queen for every school.” Teachers’ unions have lied to silence parents. And Governor Whitmer vetoed scholarships that would have helped kids catch up.

Parents deserve a say in their kids’ education and under no circumstances should school boards be shutting parents out. Our children are being exposed to graphic sexual content at school when they should be learning how to read, write and do math. We applaud the parents who are stepping up and making a difference for their kids.


Following the debate, I spoke with Michael Patrick Shiels on Michigan’s Big Show about Whitmer’s inability to defend her record. Governor Whitmer was clearly rattled last night, and brought nothing new to the table. She doesn’t have a plan for the next four years.

Tudor Dixon showed she understands the issues facing our state and outlined a vision for a family-friendly Michigan. Tudor is a capable leader who understands what people are going through and has a plan that will help every Michigander.

You can watch the full debate for yourself here. The second and final gubernatorial debate will be held at Oakland University on October 25.


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Tori Sachs
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund