Governor Gretchen Whitmer doesn’t care about your Constitutional rights, and she proved yesterday she’s eager to destroy anyone who stands up for them.

While the press and government watchdog organizations continue pushing the Governor to release more details and email records surrounding her decision to hand Michiganians’ personal, confidential and private health care data to her Democratic political campaign vendors, she’s opted instead to operate in secret and to tell state government to ignore government transparency laws.

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It’s not like she isn’t happy to release some emails.

In a move that longtime observers in Lansing are calling “astounding,” “nuclear” and “unbelievable,” Whitmer yesterday released private emails sent by legislative Republicans who were attempting to negotiate a re-opening of Michigan job sites, and a re-establishment of your constitutional rights.

But records on why she’s giving away your private health data to Democrat political operatives? She’s keeping those hidden.

Now – perhaps more than ever in modern Michigan history – those who love liberty and who demand government accountability have to stand up and stand together.

The truth is, we need your help! Will you stand with us right now with a contribution of $10, $15 or even $20?

Despite their eagerness to betray the trust of their legislative counterparts, it’s obvious that Governor Whitmer isn’t going to release the emails and records explaining how she entered into a corrupt agreement to violate your right to health care privacy to benefit her political allies – and her own Vice Presidential aspirations – unless we demand answers together.

Your support means we can continue investigating Whitmer’s assaults on Michiganian’s freedoms, and we can continue fighting back. $5, $10, or $15 can make all the difference.

Please join us.

Tony Daunt

Executive Director

Michigan Freedom Fund